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Condollo provides real estate buyers, sellers and investors with access to trustworthy, up-to-date listings by certified professionals from across Canada. Prices, days on market and an overall status of the building is our value.

Old Port of Montreal

Two kinds of gem in the Old Port. First, Hard Loft is a previously commercial or industrial space. They offers the amazing bricks wall construction, exposed utility pipes. Search for: Historic buildings in Montreal, Old Montreal architecture and Montreal history tours

Lastly, What is a Soft Loft? The building will have modern technologies. The features create efficiencies both in terms of energy and suite. An 90s office that have wood ceiling and large windows is an example.

Montreal's Mile End

Mile End picture with his historical buildings if a prime location if you are planning to be a frist immigrant (newcomers) or buy a flat to have a home in Montreal.

This area offers Greek restaurants, Italian and greek food are the winners. This area of Montreal offers a New York City lifestyle and living in an airy loft apartment.

Buying real estate in the Mile End is a mixed of history and modern touch!

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Le Plateau Mont Royal, this charming area boasts old trees, green streets, and easy access to Mount Royal Street, Laurier Park, and Lafontaine Park offers gorgeous Real Estate.

Buying real estate will make you fall in love with the city. This area will feel like ou are always travelling with your new property. Don't miss out on the endless dining and shopping options along St Denis and St Laurent, as well as the stunning views of Mont Royal.


Our services simplify the property search process for Montreal real estate buyers. Here's why our services matter:

Local Realtor Expertise: Our collaboration with local realtors adds clarity to your property search. They offer local insights, reducing the confusion.

Maintenance Insights: Beyond listings, we provide insights into property maintenance, simplifying your understanding of a property's upkeep. This clarity allows you to make informed choices with confidence.

Sold History

No matter what which routes you follow when buying your dream condo; decisions are importants and information is key to success in real estate.

Looking at sold condos history will provide the best insight and guide you to get onboard.

Roofing Details: We also focus on a property's roof, sharing information about its age and recent maintenance. This simplifies understanding potential maintenance costs, reducing perplexity when evaluating properties.

Aerials Analytics

Make informed real estate decisions in Montreal with the help of our AI. Our platform has access to over 1 billion data points, including building age, roof types, address, postal code, and weather.

Our comprehensive on-page stop will provide you with all the information you need to make brilliant buying choices.

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